~*Miss Nix*~ (butterflyski) wrote in romantic_warren,
~*Miss Nix*~

please help me

i have a favour to ask u, and i need you to get friends and friends of friends to do it if possible.
my ex boyfriend is in ANJELIINA and i ♥him with all my heart.
The band are in a compeition and if they win it can mean good things for them, publicity wise.
but that aside they do make great music.
please go to HERE & click on ANJELIINA (they are the first band listed just tick the first box) and then hit the "vote now" button
its on the bottom of the page, this can be done daily from the same ISP number. so can everyone PLEASE do this MAKE SURE TO DO IT EVERYDAY
and get friends to do it??it'd mean a lot to me

this is my last attempt to show him i support his band :( & maybe win him back :(
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