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Lady Fans of Warren [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Feb 2005|02:27pm]
Just letting you know that I have changed journals; thatgirlsarah_.
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Now that i have your attention ;)

My fellow Sydney darlings, below are details about my sexy boy's gig that's on tonight, it would be really great if anyone can get down there and show a little Anjeliina lurve also if you all wanna be really great beacuase you love me, you will down load thier song The Winds which can be located HERE alsoo be little darlings and join their Mailing List and Forum pretty pretty please with sugar on tops, i promise if you go to thier gig tonight, or download their soing, join the mailing list and their forum and can prove this to me i will send you naked pictures of myself, of any body part you like :P so please my darlings support this FUCKING BRILLIANT band :) The details for the gig tonight are below :)

NOTE: any words in giant fonts lead exactly to the urls for that section of the site ie: the mailing list one takes you directly to the part to joint thier mailing list :) pretty please joint their forum and their mailing list anddddd please download their song and pass it on to anyone and everyone you know :) YOU WILL BE REWARDED</font>

13/11/04 The Metro (Saturday)

Headline gig at the Transit Lounge

Times :

Anjeliina - 10:45pm
Sulo (Melbourne) - 09:30pm

Blue Dawn - 08:30pm

Waik (Wollongong) - 07:30pm

With Special Guest Eumina

Location : 624 George Street, City
(1 min walk from Town Hall station)

Phone : 9287 2000
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please help me [10 Aug 2004|03:12pm]

i have a favour to ask u, and i need you to get friends and friends of friends to do it if possible.
my ex boyfriend is in ANJELIINA and i ♥him with all my heart.
The band are in a compeition and if they win it can mean good things for them, publicity wise.
but that aside they do make great music.
please go to HERE & click on ANJELIINA (they are the first band listed just tick the first box) and then hit the "vote now" button
its on the bottom of the page, this can be done daily from the same ISP number. so can everyone PLEASE do this MAKE SURE TO DO IT EVERYDAY
and get friends to do it??it'd mean a lot to me

this is my last attempt to show him i support his band :( & maybe win him back :(
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[05 Aug 2004|11:48am]

hey go to my journal and read my latest entry i am having a compeition:P so please enter because u really win a prize :D:D:D:D and if there is anyone you know on livejournal who may want to enter let me know and ill add them so they can enter, but remember to add urself to my friends list

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[29 Jul 2004|04:45pm]


Damn you Rupert. You're not even likeable.

Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren! Bring Back Warren!
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Sydney Guitarists [10 May 2004|12:38pm]

My band, The Wine Hunters, are currently looking for a new and experimental guitarist, the weirder the music, the better. We live in inner Sydney and have gigs coming up in about 5 weeks time. Our influences are: The Birthday Party, Tool, Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Off Jill, Silverchair, Grinspoon, Led Zeppelin, Murderdolls, Misfits, Nitocris, Perfect Circle etc..etc...
Any one interested can email me: radicult@hotmail.com
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www.anjeliina.com [17 Apr 2004|10:20am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

24/04/04 Metro Transit Lounge

Anjeliina will be playing at the Metro Transit Lounge on Saturday the 24th of April.

Full Scale will be headlining. Doors open at 6:30pm


Full Scale - 11:00pm

Many Machines On Nine - 10:00pm

Anjeliina - 9:00pm

Headcage - 10:00pm

Tocata - 11:00pm

Location : 624 George Street, Sydney

Phone : 9287 2000

Tickets : online at www.metrotheatre.com.au

You can also buy tickets from us Tickets = $11

Limited tickets will be sold at the door = $13
or $11 Students and FBi members

Go to their site, join the forum, and download The Winds <- Go on click on it and get it!! OR ELSE

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Must Take Down All Enemies [13 Apr 2004|11:01pm]

Warren officially has an enemy.

The Ming Mong Boy.

I hate that guy.
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WOOT! [18 Mar 2004|11:36pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


1. Most Warren members are Placebo fans

2. I get to see Placebo tomorrow night, hoorah!

3. The Vines' new album, Winning Days, is out on Monday

4. Most Warren members hate The Vines

If any one here lives in Sydney, come to my gig!!
It's on the 9th of may at Suzie Q's (central end of Oxford St)
More details + gigs to come.

Bite me
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Attention!! [10 Mar 2004|02:23pm]


Are you all tired of not knowing where wozza is??

well fear not!!! let us start an online petition

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Where for art thou Warren? [09 Mar 2004|01:07pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Where is he? Why has he gone? *slits wrists*
I need him....we were meant to be together
he was my warrenator, he put on arnie impressions
it exctied me!
I thought we would marry!! tho i had to carry hima round
as he was a TV!!!
oh dear must go now i am about to cry
p.s they really need a suicidal emotion on LJ

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Come back to me, my love... [07 Mar 2004|05:03pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

It's been nearly a month since I posted in here...but I have nothing to say

My dreams of Warren are fading, just like the television commercials.....soon his perfectly chiseled features will become nothing but a blur in my memories.
I miss Warren......the love two strangers share when they are separated by a television screen is truly stronger than any other love on this planet.....

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[04 Mar 2004|09:00pm]

So my brother had an obsession with warren..early this year. called him numerous times, got the voice messages and couldnt stop laughing. ive never thought of calling, but it amazes me that there is an actual number to warren himself..im new by the way..heya!
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[11 Feb 2004|09:59pm]

This community sucks. lol
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;) [06 Feb 2004|07:39pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello my fellow warrenities :P how are we all?? masturbating over warren like i do i hope ;)

Anyone watch averge joe? Wouldn't it be cool if warren was on there and win the lady :D:D:D

I think we should start making some warren fansigns or something n posting them up!!!!

maybe even contacting virgin on a quest to find him?? whoever does wins his friend of the DEEHAYYY heart :P

im feeling antsy inside

maybe ill go watch the commercial of him running with a frisby

that is all

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[27 Jan 2004|08:35pm]


That is all.
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Guys with fingers through their eyes really turn me on..... [25 Jan 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

What a skill...I wonder if Warren can do that........*sigh*

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.. [25 Jan 2004|12:31pm]

i love warren..
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i love warren! [23 Jan 2004|11:05pm]

you know what makes me really happy? when i'm lonely, and i'm watching TV late at night and on comes Warren. Offering his delicious self to me (being a lady or similar, you know). Makes my day. :D
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Almost as hot a Warren!.........Almost [14 Jan 2004|10:59pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Hey there fans of the ever so sexy Warren. Thought you might find this of interest www.illmitch.com This guy is so hot he could melt Antartica just by looking in its general direction!!!

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