~*Miss Nix*~ (butterflyski) wrote in romantic_warren,
~*Miss Nix*~

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Hello my fellow warrenities :P how are we all?? masturbating over warren like i do i hope ;)

Anyone watch averge joe? Wouldn't it be cool if warren was on there and win the lady :D:D:D

I think we should start making some warren fansigns or something n posting them up!!!!

maybe even contacting virgin on a quest to find him?? whoever does wins his friend of the DEEHAYYY heart :P

im feeling antsy inside

maybe ill go watch the commercial of him running with a frisby

that is all
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LOL i didn't know wot to write i blame u ahahaha
lol, thats ok. I blame myself also...
ahah yay we agree :D:D:D